Prime Agriculture s.r.l. come to meet their clients by opening a collaboration with severeal leasing company to provide advantageous financing services.


Call for financing services, you can afford to purchase the most diverse types of agricultural machinery. There are funding solutions in line with national budget subsidies or those from the EU. IdeeaLeasing's expertise in recognizing the seasonal nature of this industry is the advice of counselors for you to benefit from pay-as-you-go programs (different payouts compared to winter months, for example).

These final farming services are available to both authorized customers and individuals.


Farming funding is intended to minimize the financial burden of your business during the reimbursement period.


To remember:


The funding period varies from one to five years
Financial leasing in EURO is granted for all types of equipment for agriculture, according to the specifics of the industry
One can opt for a seasonal payment system
There is a payment program to minimize the residual rate of long-term funding
Exclusive financing conditions for a large number of agricultural equipment
Benefit from insurance included for the funded property through, with renowned insurers under preferential conditions

Prime Agriculture s.r.l. constantly seeks to improve service in agriculture to provide its customers with all possible support.
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