Grains silos

Prime Agriculture
Our company will provide silos for grain storage - silos with a flat basis with capacities according to the needs of each farmer...
Prime Agriculture
The hopper bottom silos are intended for temporary storage of wet grain immediately after the receipt as well as long-term storage of dry grain. They are most often used as buffer silos for dryers and cleaners....
Prime Agriculture
Silos are designed for powder and granulated feed storage, and grain in weight up to 800 kg/qm. The bottom funnel with an angle of 60 degrees and diameter 440 mm is suitable for connecting all types of spiral, tubular and chain feeding systems. Silos are made of high quality constructional steel with zinc coating 350 g/m2....
Prime Agriculture
Square silos, due to the funnel-shaped discharge, are used only as forwarding silos. The great advantage of tanks of this type is the ability to set them in modules, without losing space. Safe and free service is guaranteed by ladders and platforms....
Prime Agriculture
All Prime Agriculture technological connections are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, with a wall thickness of 3 mm and 4 mm...
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Drying grains installation
Continous dryer with handling equipments
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Grains silos for grain seeds
Silos installations for seeds