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Twin Trace Conveyor


Twin trace conveyors capacities from 6 to 290m³ per hour


Can be used for woodchip, wood shavings, wood pellets, wood shavings and chopped straw.

Can be inclined, horizontal or curved from horizontal to 30 degree inclination.

Specifically designed to handle products of low buk densities and those that require gentle buk densities at low chain speeds.

Galvanised or painted construction.

Completely opening outlet with no chain supports means very little carry over.

Flush fitting intermediate outlet slides and curved tail end radius plates to minimise product residue.

Drive configurations to suit every customer's needs.

The flight bolt through the hollow pins in the chain making replacement easy.


 What's included:

Optional extras:


transportor peleti
transportor peleti
trasnsportor peleti
trasnsportor peleti
transportor peleti
transportor peleti
transport biomasa
transport biomasa
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